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Branding Storytelling Sessions

Carla Rocha Comunicação

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Carla Rocha Comunicação is an organization aimed at improving the communication skills of people and enterprises with dynamic and innovative methodologies. The company organizes training courses, workshops, and lectures to help structure more effective and transparent messages, capable of reducing conflict, enhancing relationships of trust, and achieving better results. Since September 2019, I’ve been working as a Branding Storytelling trainer in the following communication programs.

Talk Less, Communicate More Academy

A communication training program suited to those seeking individualized training. The Academy offers two joint training sessions and ten individual training sessions, including the Branding Storytelling one. In these sessionsparticipants can expect to leverage their personal brand according to their superpowers”; as well as humanize their written/oral communication through handy communication techniques.

Stories to Influence Lab

A 2-day workshop suited to those aspiring to leverage their storytelling skills. The Stories to Influence Lab provides participants with a simple 5-step method to include stories in their day-to-day communication:

By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to:

1) Apply the “Rocha” method in narrative-crafting;
2) Learn the difference between personal stories, alignment stories, and product stories;
3) Identify the key elements of a story;
4) Apply storytelling in the most critical interactions, strategically;
5) Build a story bank and trigger the process of collecting, categorizing and consulting stories.

Training in-Company

A communication training program prepared and adapted according to each company’s needs and goals. Until now, Carla and I gave storytelling training to Farfetch (luxury fashion retail platform), alongside Janssen and Novartis (pharmaceutical companies).

If you’re interested in learning the impact of storytelling in business, watch the conversation between Carla and Doug Stevenson: a master storyteller who sheds light on why stories catch your eye and are persuasive, as well as how you can find your own stories.

If you or your team need customized storytelling training, get in touch with us!