Episode 4 – Hila: A traveling entrepreneur with a halo of guardian angel

“If you feel lost it’s totally fine… My mother once told me and I always believed in that:

Be your best friend and help yourself to improve”

Do you remember Stardust’s hit song “Music Sounds Better with You?” Well… I can only say that this 4th podcast episode is a very special one to the point of making you sing “Life Sounds Better with You Hila and Rita!” For the first time ever, I was lucky enough to have 2 girls joining the show. Rita is a friend I recently met and, given that she had shown interest in my storytelling vibe, I invited her to be my co-host and do the session’s photoshoot. In turn, Hila is our dear guest.

Hila and I had met in a storytelling workshop we both attended (what a coincidence!) at Second Home, one of the most vibrant coworking spaces in Lisbon. Back in that day, she was seated next to me and as soon as we took off with the group exercises, I felt a powerful bright aura around her character. Following the 1-minute story about the startup she founded called SkillsGorilla, my first impressions of her were something like: “this is a convicted entrepreneur; a self-assured woman with whom I can learn a lot!”

We had exchanged contacts and, sometime later, I gained the courage to send her a message saying “I’d be glad to have the chance to tell your story. Would you like to participate in my podcast?” So there we were… The three of us spending a great late afternoon in Lisbon’s Jardim da Estrela: a beautiful neighbourhood park loved by locals and tourists.



I had prepared the conversation like never before… The previous night I wrote a 2-page script divided by 5 different topics so as to live up to my (and her) expectations. Accordingly, Hila’s Instagram gave me a clue about how she’d like to be introduced: a woman entrepreneur and world traveler. Tel-a-Viv; Berlin; London and now Lisbon.

Chapters of a thrilling journey that turned Hila into a guardian angel with valuable life lessons to share with us. How to deal with the troubles of being an entrepreneur? How to maintain enduring relationships while moving from place to place? Or what to do when feeling lost and without purpose? When editing the episode’s audio, I listened to Hila’s words over and over again in order to absorb every learning of hers. By that time, Rita and I felt complete and in perfect harmony…

Amid rays of sun over our heads and the ringing of Estrela Basílica’s bells, these 45 minutes will fill your mind and soul. That’s because Hila is an authentic Halo for our lives.




“Of course it would be about people and… I would say patiency. People need to be more patient and it’s about so many stuff: from the roads, being kind… I think if people will calm down a bit or be more patient to one another, everything will be more pleasant. And it doesn’t have to be related to heaviness, slow life or not being efficient… Literally, being patient to one another can really make a difference.”

Rita (cohost):

“I think we have to enjoy the moment and not think too much…”

I guess this was what Hila and I exactly did in the moment of signing the episode’s “terms and conditions”!!!

PS: A special thank you to Rita who was an incredible first co-host of Tomás VP podcasts as well as an amazing photographer 🙂


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