Anti-viral talks about wine

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Blog Vinho & Xima is a personal project of Filipe Carvalho, a passionate wine lover based in Águeda, Portugal, with an extensive management experience. Filipe is the co-founder of United We Taste: a global movement of virtual wine tastings to combat the social isolation created by COVID-19. With this initiative, Filipe and his co-partners were able to build strong network relationships with sommeliers, wine journalists, influencers and wine importers around the world.

During the pandemic, Filipe also organized the “anti-viral talks about wine” on his Instagram account. Fortunately, I was the guest of one those talks whose topic was “Storytelling in the wine sector

Following our great conversation, Filipe shared his takeaways in this LinkedIn post.

If your company wants my participation in one of its talks, get in touch with me!