“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Jeff Bezos

Personal Branding

The value of your personal brand comes down to people’s perception of it. In this context, every interaction you have is an opportunity to create positive associations towards your brand. How? With something that makes you special and unique: your life stories. In these individual sessions, you’ll know how to apply storytelling in your communication based on:
1) Your values, goals, and “superpowers”;
2) Needs and expectations of your audience.

Top 5 Skills

Active listening
Interpersonal skills

Potential story seekers

Leaders and managers who need to motivate their teams;
Marketing & Sales employees who deal with clients regularly;
Public speakers, panellists or opinion leaders with media exposure;
People who’re looking for a job and/or have changed their career path;
Entrepreneurs / artists who want to launch their brands.

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Corporate Branding

Storytelling is the winning card to humanize your corporate brand through the lens of employees and consumers.

Regarding employees, they embody the values and culture of a brand like no one else. This powerful connection turns them into valuable Brand Ambassadors whose stories you must tell. Concerning final consumers, they’re the real brand heroes! Their stories unveil the attributes and benefits of your product/service, with a positive impact on their lives.

Given this background, my role is to help you collect, organize, and build your corporate brand stories. In the end, your brand will generate participation, engagement, and loyalty from different interest groups.

Top 5 Skills

Active listening
Curiosity and observation
Interpersonal skills

Potential story seekers

Big corporations that seek to innovate their internal and external communication plans;
Small and medium enterprises that want to develop a communication plan;
Creative agencies that look for value-added content for their clients’ marketing & communication strategy.

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