Connect & Share

Católica-Lisbon’s Master Students




“Dear Tomás,

How are you doing?

The next intake of master students will arrive in September, and we would like to invite you to join them on a networking moment during the welcome day […]

For sure you have great stories to tell about your career path and choices to share with first year Master students and it would be great to have you with us to contribute with your experience […]”

More details about the Connect & Share initiative:


1) Share my professional experience with a group of new master students interested in working in the same field where I worked or am currently working on;
2) Give first-hand information about what kind of tasks/challenges/opportunities they will face if they decide to work in a specific area/industry/role;
3) Answer students’ questions in an open, relaxed atmosphere.

Tomás’s answer

“Sure! I’ll be there!”


If your university wants to organize a storytelling event, get in touch with me!