Episode 5 – LaGardère: A “naughty” Band living to the Sound of Friendship

Episode 5 – LaGardère: A “naughty” Band living to the Sound of Friendship

“If there’s one rule in La Gardère’s music, it should only be this one: doing something we’ve never done before. To step out of our comfort zone… That’s when magic happens.”



It all started with the classic “friend of a friend”. Martina, an Italian friend of mine, had invited me to come to her place quite a few times: “Tomás, we’re organizing a dinner here! Do you wanna join?” Hell yeah! In fact, these late-night dinners have given me the chance to relive the good “old” days from my 2-year Master’s Program: meeting new people in a laid-back, multicultural atmosphere surrounded by fascinating human beings.

With Italian pasta as the greatest (and tastiest) host ever, everyone is talking, laughing and singing “Viva la Viva!” Italians, Portuguese, Germans, Mexican, Brazilian… True United Nations! Ultimately, we were all sharing positive vibes for the sake of our happiness. On one of those nights, “hi, I’m Carlos! Nice to meet you.” That’s where LaGàrdere comes to play. Carlos, the band’s vocalist, approached me the same way I do to people: showing a genuine interest in knowing their story! In fact, we got into a deep conversation about life goals, challenges, and self-accomplishing experiences. Really rewarding stuff! The weirdest part? I was the one talking the most. I had thus just found another storyteller.




A few days later, Carlos asked me to promote the band’s new single “Pelo Verão” (by summer) on Instagram and that was the trigger for my curiosity. When researching on LaGardère, I found out that they had been considered “FNAC’s New Talents 2018”, after releasing their first album “No Lugar do Fim do Mundo” (In the Place at the End of the Word). So, I decided to go to one of the band’s concerts at the Sabotage Rock Club, in Lisbon’s Cais do Sodré district. It was amazing… Playful pop-rock songs with samba and indie influences, that turned everyone crazy! The result? “Carlos, I’d like to invite you all to participate in my podcast!”

LaGardère live concert at Sabotage, with the vocalist and the drummer playing in a dark greenish setting

And so we did! The guys you see on the picture, Carlos and Yann, joined me for a chilled, entertaining talk. Where? The place I call home. Where I’m used to eating delicious pasta, feeling young, wild and free in good company. Curiously, it was Yann’s place and I had never met him before :). On Sunday night, the usual time for my podcast recordings, they shared a tremendous passion for their music as well as the pleasure of “being with friends, trying to create something worthwhile that makes people feel good.”

Moreover, they describe the origins of their band, the struggles and achievements, musical influences, without mentioning their stimulating creative process. In particular, the way Carlos, Yann, and João are capable of bringing together a single identity out of 3 different but complementary personalities. LaGardère means versatility, joyfulness, emotion and, above all, friendship. The unifying element present at every late night practice, where experimentation is their path to consecutive “EUREKA” moments. Looking forward, “we’d like LaGardère to be remembered as an important promoter of the Portuguese culture, in and out of Portugal.”

Now you might be wondering… “Why do we call them ‘naughty’?” Their song “Malandro” is all about that. It represents a musicality that seduces you into a world of conscious and orderly rebellion; innocence and intrigue;  nostalgia and ecstasy, along with one’s inner desire to express feely as much as possible.  Enjoy their videoclip!



In Carlos’ words, “how many friendships have been nurtured because of music… It’s a passion, an incredible energy… Music portrays life. It makes people react intensively, for good or bad.” In our case, “the friend of a friend” spiral generated an enriching 1-hour conversation that I invite you all to listen. The cherry on top of the cake? A LaGardère’s acoustic live concert.

I’d like to finish this story with Martina’s one. She was the connector between me and this group of talented musicians, allowing us to tell this beautiful story together. Friendship implies that we support each other no matter what, without judging but with respect and understanding. Just like in any relationship.

Dear Martina, given the challenging times you’re going through right now, this episode is for you. This is my simple tribute to your kindness, resilience and positive energy. Thank you for letting me go back to a world that I missed living for a long time. Thank you for trusting me your story. Thank you for letting me tell this story, with a positive impact in the world. Because this is how life is supposed to be: one where you can find A Beautiful Light in each one of us.

Forza ragazza!!!

LaGardère recording studio, where friendships come to live. Wall painting urban art graffiti




“I’d change a certain rigidity that I still feel in people… People aren’t comfortable with themselves. They aren’t willing to leave their norms and rules already pre-conceived inside their heads.”


“Quite simply… We should like each other, be nice to each other… Not being hostile to our neighbour. Deep inside, we’re all human beings, of the same species. Let’s see our similarities, more than our differences.”



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