Episode 3 – Luís Neto: A humble man playing the piano behind the scenes

Episode 3 – Luís Neto: A humble man playing the piano behind the scenes

“I was playing the piano in my own world. As soon as I opened my eyes, the room was full of Japonese people.”

The best way to describe the story behind this show is a “2-IN-1 PODCAST”. I was recording an episode at Fábrica Braça de Prata, a vibrant cultural center in Lisbon when a man came into the room to play the piano. Before doing so, he looked at my Zoom H5 Handy Recorder and promptly said “that looks like a cool recorder! Where did you find it?” Not long after I was the one asking him questions, one after the other. As an incurable storyteller, I envisioned a great opportunity to tell one more story! A story of a humble man who was brave enough to treat a “stranger” with surprising kindness and curiosity. How could I say no to this?

Luís is a boom operator at the Portuguese TV channel TVI so we arranged a day for me to go there. By that time, I was living at a Lisbon’s hostel so I left there in the early morning to meet him before his work began. It was incredible! He made me feel at home all the time considering the tour we did around almost every facility. Passing from the news’ studios to the sound room, the enthusiasm with which everyone spoke to Luís unveiled his charisma over many years working in the company. In fact, he became a real institution in there! 

Moreover, he’s a cultured, intelligent person and a brilliant piano player. Seeing his world-class performance in the backstage of a hit morning show was something out of this world… I guess TVI is missing a big talent from the house! During our conversation, it felt like we’ve been talking for ages based on how similar we both think and feel. We were even dressed with the same colours! The truth is that Luís and I believe in the power of arts and culture, particularly music, to change the world for the better. Listen to the show and prove it yourselves 🙂




“I think the world should gain more consciousness. Just that… I ensure you that if we gained consciousness of the other’s suffering, I have the feeling that the world would change. The world is disconnected from its own consciousness and survival.


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