Mentoring Program

Católica Lisbon

In October 2022, I applied to Católica-Lisbon’s Mentoring Program. This is a unique and innovative project that contributes to the personal development of Undergraduate and Master students through “one to one” contact with an experienced CATÓLICA-LISBON graduate – their Mentor – from the first moment they start their Bachelor or Master’s degree.


In this scenario, my mentoring role is to foster mentees’ personal and professional growth according to their interests, passions and career goals.

Topics involved

• Listening actively
• Asking thought-provoking questions
• Sharing my knowledge and work experience
• Helping the mentees’ define a career plan and increase their employability
• Encouraging the development of relevant skills such as communication, creativity, critical thinking and proactivity
• Facilitating useful readings, contacts, etc.

If you need my personal brand mentoring services, get in touch with me!