Mentoring Session

Especial e Única


Especial e Única is an image consulting service founded by Carla Salvador, an image and communication trainer who also collaborates with Carla Rocha Comunicação. With this project, Carla intends to materialize her life purpose: help reveal what most special and unique each one of us has. In her own words:

“My passion is to be able to contribute to a world where more women feel beautiful and confident. The more confident they feel, the happier they are. And happy women shine brighter.”

Some of her services include:

• Helping discover one’s visual communication style
• Helping select the right clothes according to one’s personal brand
• Sharing daily tips for assertive shopping and color/item coordinates
• Preparing the dress code for a special event
• Cleaning, organizing and simplifying one’s closet
• Optimizing, reusing and recovering garments




One day Carla sent me a voice message saying something like: “Tomás, I’m with some doubts about my project, and I believe you’re the right person to help me. Can we schedule a Zoom session to discuss this in more detail?”

And so we did.

In an hour and a half, we talked about different elements of her business, following a strategic approach based on the brand’s STP – Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning; as well as her communication goals.

Topics involved

  • Definition of Especial e Única’s brand elements (mission; values; strengths; personality; brand promise; stories; etc.)
  • Application of market research techniques for a better audience understanding (consumer demographics, preferences, attitudes, behaviour and market trends)
  • Discussion of potential B2C and B2B business models
  • Choice of the right words to describe Especial e Única’s consulting services
  • Definition of an online content strategy to generate brand awareness and interest (blog articles; Instagram posts; LinkedIn articles; media spots)
  • Discussion of different visual outputs to deliver in the final stage of the consumer experience.

At the end of the day, our conversation opened new possibilities for Carla’s project. In particular, she gained a better understanding of what Especial e Única’s brand really means to her and to the end consumer, and what steps must be taken to set up her business.

P.S. We worked a lot, but we had a great time together!

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