“Managing our personal brand is a lifetime commitment.” Tomás VP


Personal Development

Define your personal brand according to your career goals.


We all have a brand. All of us are a brand. Consciously or unconsciously, we’re sending tons of signals to the people around us all the time. These signals generate associations, and these associations end up projecting a more or less accurate image of who we really are, and what we really want. From the way we speak, when we speak, to the words we choose, and the decisions we make, there is a wide range of opportunities to position our brand in different personal and professional dimensions. But to do that, we first need to define what kind of brand we want to be.

Strategic Goals

The Personal Brand Mentoring sessions are intended for those who want to build their personal brand in a conscious and strategic way. This means gaining a long-term vision of one’s role in life according to their personal and professional objectives.
For that to happen, two areas of intervention will be worked together: 1) defining and consolidating one’s identity (mission, values, skills, etc.); 2) adapting one’s approach to the needs and expectations of different target audiences (teams, directors, customers, partners, etc.). Having said that, this customized training helps us to understand i) who we are; ii) who we want to be; iii) who we need to be.


By joining these one-to-one mentoring sessions, you’ll be able to:

- Deepen your self-awareness
- Gain confidence in your capacities
- Potentiate your superpowers (skills and talents)
- Position your brand with clarity and objectivity
- Gain persuasive communication tools
- Manage perceptions and expectations of different audiences
- Optimize strengths and minimize weaknesses quickly and effectively
- Promote healthy and lasting relationships.


Final invitation

Personal Branding might seem an abstract concept to you, but I’ll make sure it becomes relevant and practical for the daily challenges you’re facing. In general terms, these one-to-one mentoring sessions are suitable for:

- People who want to know themselves better and take a qualitative leap in their personal growth process
- Students who are finishing their academic studies and plan to enter the job market soon
- Professionals who are looking for a career shift or career change
- Professionals struggling to find their own voice within their workplace
- Entrepreneurs with a product/service idea in mind
- Avid learners who are passionate about marketing and branding

Now… Shall we work together?