Product Development & Storytelling – Travelpreneur Tribe

About the project

Travelpreneur Tribe is a US-based company that empowers corporate burnouts to set up their own business with the help of a diverse team of mentors. In May 2019 the founders Mia and Kate crossed the ocean to organize the Portugal Startup Retreat: a 5-day event targeted to aspiring entrepreneurs to give them the right business foundations. In an informal and friendly atmosphere, I lectured the “Product Development & Storytelling” module which consisted of:


1) Storytelling Basics

2) The role of storytelling in building your brand

3) 4 Principles of Branding Storytelling

4) Practical exercises


Honestly, this was one of the most gratifying workshops I’ve ever given. We had people from all corners of the world learning and helping each other; with a tremendous enthusiasm in pursuing their dream projects. As I was listening to their stories, I noticed the challenges, the dilemmas, defeats and victories, as well as their conviction that this is the right path to follow. It was an emotional roller-coaster… We laughed, we cried, we applauded, and the energy in the room was magic. Overall, these people proved that storytelling is the most powerful communication tool to leverage a brand.

If you also have a dream project and a story to tell, get in touch with me! Let’s make magic together.