Webinar Marcas e Storytelling em tempos de crise | Tomás VP Storyteller

About the project

The way we manage our brands and our workforce today will determine how we will be perceived in the next 5 and 10 years.” Klaus-Dieter Koch

Following COVID-19 pandemic, brands were forced to adapt their value proposition and productive processes in order to meet new customers’ needs. More importantly, this proved to be a critical time for brands to live up to their mission and values that are often hidden; and that now needed to be reborn in concrete actions.

Given this background, I launched the webinar “Marcas e Storytelling em tempos de crise” intended to enhance storytelling role in effective brand communication in times of crisis. In particular, I explained that COVID-19 is a great opportunity for brands to establish a meaningful connection with their stakeholders now, and in the future.

One of its best examples is Dove’s “Courage” film advert. The skincare brand pays tribute to all nurses and doctors: the front-line heroes who work relentlessly to save lives, and whose skin is the price to pay. Watch the video below and witness a simple story with powerful emotions:


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