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Pre-recorded videos - Academia Fale Menos, Comunique Mais

After the pandemic, it became clear that everyone’s learning experience had to be more flexible, customized and online-based. As a result, there was an urgent need to transit some of the content provided in Talk Less, Communicate More Academy’s live sessions to e-learning. To implement this content shift, I prepared a set of 6 scripts which resumed the theoretical basis of Personal Branding and Storytelling areas. Once they were done and reviewed by Carla Rocha Comunicação’s team, we proceed to the most exciting phase: the video recording one!


We recorded the videos in a hotel room (converted to a professional studio) and, after several attempts, everyone was happy with the final result: simple, short and engaging videos about one’s personal brand and the basics of storytelling.

If you or your team need customized storytelling training, get in touch with me!