Pre-recorded videos | O Poder das Histórias

“The Power of Stories” is a 100% online course launched by Carla Rocha Comunicação at the end of 2022. Through a 5-step framework called ROCHA Method, participants are taken on a learning journey to understand the process of collecting material from their personal experiences and turn it into stories that can be used in a team meeting or in a sales pitch.

As a specialized worker in storytelling, I was invited to contribute to the course by writing the script of 4 short videos and recording them in a professional studio. The videos covered the following topics:

#1 Video: Why does storytelling work?
#2 Video:  Product/service storytelling
#3 Video: Sequence of a story
#4 Video: Universal version of stories

It was a big pleasure to share my knowledge and passion for storytelling 🙂

If you or your team need customized storytelling training, get in touch with me!