Storytelling Bootcamp Workshop

| EDIT. – Disruptive Digital Education


EDIT. is a school that provides training in the areas of Digital / Interactive Design, Creativity, Technology & Mobile Development and Digital Marketing.

Since October 2019, I’ve been lecturing the Storytelling Bootcamp workshop: a 16h hands-on, intensive course suitable to copywriters, freelancers, marketeers, and content creators who need to develop their storytelling skills in the digital world.

Complementary goals include:

1) Understanding the power of storytelling in engaging audiences;
2) Leveraging brand communication through storytelling;
3) Learning how to write a cohesive, compelling narrative in digital platforms;
4) Developing creativity and critical thinking along the content creation process.


In an increasingly competitive and globalized world, the ability to craft a compelling story is a real competitive advantage. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for funding, a freelancer looking for new clients, or a content creator who needs to spice up their texts, a story allows you to plant ideas and emotions in the minds of your audiences.

Thus, participants will receive theoretical bases and practical challenges through a methodology that will make them develop the creative and strategic thinking associated with storytelling. Subsequently, participants of the Storytelling Bootcamp will have the opportunity to create content for digital platforms by creating a project for this purpose.

EDIT. My Story Challenge

The workshop’s final module invites participants to an outdoor exercise called EDIT. My Story Challenge. The idea is simple! They have to find a brand in the street and tell its story in an online article. In parallel with the Católica Lisbon workshop, this challenge gets students out of their comfort zones, making them develop a diverse set of skills: creativity, active listeninginterpersonal, data collection and analysis, oral and written communicationamong others.

Overall, this challenge proves that “great stories happen to those who can tell them.” Ira Glass

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