The “Coronavalues Talks” is an online series of talks whose goal is to reflect on the changes caused by COVID-19 in our personal, professional lives and what the repercussions in the medium, long-term are.

I invited 12 brilliant people from different backgrounds to share their wisdom, and the tone of the conversations was educational and informal, with the magic of storytelling between us. The idea came about from the video below:




1) How is this chaos changing us in our different roles?
2) Which values matter now, more than before?

Building up on these 2 points, each guest chose a value (coronavalue) that they considered important to highlight in today’s world. Together, we talked about 12 values that reveal life’s most important teachings, allowing us to become better human beings. After all, a life with values is worth a lot more!

Episode 1: Vânia Beliz | Sexuality
Vânia Beliz is a sexologist with a degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, a Master in Sexology, who has participated in several sex education projects in Portugal and the PALOP countries. In this Coronavalues Talk, we talked about the challenges this pandemic has brought to our sexuality, and how can we nurture healthier, sustainable relationships. It’s a must-watch!
Episode 2: Prof.ª Isabel Viegas | Proximity
Prof.ª Isabel Viegas is a lecturer at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, where she teaches and coordinates several Executive Training Programs. Moreover, Prof.ª Isabel worked as Coordinating Director of Human Resources at Banco Santander of Portugal, for about 15 years, and held several positions of responsibility in the Human Resources Department of telecommunication companies. In this Coronavalues Talk, we discussed the importance of proximity in our personal and professional relationships. Pure wisdom!
Episode 3: Sérgio Calundungo | Salvation
Sérgio Calundungo is a member of the Center for Studies and Scientific Research of the Catholic University of Angola and coordinator of the Political and Social Observatory of Angola. Throughout his career, Sérgio has established himself as an expert in the field of Social Development. In this Coronavalues Talk, he stressed the relevance of a collective salvation in order to tackle social inequalities in Africa, and across the world. Enjoy!

Episode 4: Joel Santos | Self-knowledge
Joel Santos is an Ayurvedic Therapist certified by the Indian government, who collaborates with several schools, such as the Brahmi Wellness in Estoril. In this Coronavalues Talk, Joel gave us precious advice on how to stimulate our self-knowledge and implement good practices that preserve our physical, mental and emotional well-being, restoring our balance. We all need it, right?
Episode 5: Mariana Santos | Reinvention
Mariana Santos, my friend and college peer at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, is a real superwoman. After working experiences auditing and consulting, she now represents the 5th generation of her family business as executive manager of the company KILOM. Additionally, Mariana has a 2-year-old baby and she’s waiting for her second one. In this Coronavalues Talk, Mariana tell us how reinvention can helps find the right work-life balance in the middle of a pandemic. Check it out!
Episode 6: Martim Torres | Slow down
Martim Torres is the founder of the musical project ‘O Martim’, whose style he defined as “street pop, recorded at home”. After being a father, giving concerts and releasing his second album ‘Lei da Atração’ (2020), this Lisbon-based artist felt the need to slow down. Find out how, in this Coronavalues Talk!

Episode 7: Samantha Wilson | Consciousness
Samantha Wilson is a Scottish multi-media visual artist based in Lisbon, whose work seeks to bring people together through art and creativity. In this Coronavalues Talk, Samantha’s brilliant mind and soul helped us to have more consciousness about the turbulent times we’re living. In fact, art is and will always be one of the most beautiful ways of telling stories, and Samantha does it in a very special way!
Episode 8: David Rodrigues | Humanity
David Rodrigues is the coordinator of the Portuguese Red Cross in the northern city of Braga. David has done an incredible job in coordinating collaborators and volunteers to protect the lives and health of the populations most in need. In the context of a pandemic, David’s life mission is absolutely essential, and the same happens with his testimonials! In this Coronavalues Talk, humanity is the coronavalue star.
Episode 9: Pietro Proserpio | Hope
Pietro Proserpio is an extraordinary storyteller who exhibits his cinematic pieces at Livraria Ler Devagar (LxFactory, Lisbon). Honestly, Pietro is the grandfather that we would all like to have, because he’s able inspire us with the right word (hope) at the right time (pandemic). This Coronavalues Talk was a life-changing moment for me, and hope for you too. Enjoy!

Episode 10: Nicoleta Sauca | Forgiveness
Nicoleta Sauca is a wonderful human being who came to the world to inspire us with the most precious life lessons. In this Coronavalues Talk, we let our thoughts and emotions go in the purest way there can be. Together, we understood that forgiveness is an act of so beautiful humanity that it elevates our soul to a higher level than the human condition. Beautiful deep talk!
Episode 11: Carla Rocha | Flexibility
Carla Rocha is a born communicator whose mission is to improve the communication skills of people and organizations, and thus contribute to a world with more harmonious relationships. Moreover, she’s a radio woman who has cheered up our mornings over the years on RFM station, and nowadays on Rádio Renascença. In this Coronavalues Talk, I challenged her with communication exercises that required a great deal of flexibility… At the same time, I’m grateful to be a Branding Storytelling trainer at her company Carla Rocha Comunicação, and believe me: Carla is a five-star human being!
Episode 12: Ricardo Dias | Empathy
Ricardo Dias is a brilliant content creator and a human being that we must all know! He works as graphic and motion designer at Co.lab, and the basis of his creative work is empathy: the value of this last Coronavalues Talk. Over this conversation, we philosophized about spirituality, our creative processes, the power of electronic music, as well as the urgency to stop and think before we act. Enjoy this talk between partners in content!